What is Anger Management?

Anger Managent is not what we think it is. It may be better referred to as emotional management or even spiritual development. You may be surprised at what you'll learn!

Anger Management Training


EQ Education is pleased to offer a unique approach to understanding emotions and managing anger, either individually or in a small group. Here are a few of the insights you will gain here:

Understanding the emotional brain

Avoiding Emotional Hijacking

Effective coping and communication skills

The role of the three A's in managing anger

The gift of self-control

The unfullfilled request

The masking of emotions

Recognizing powerlessness

Powerful metaphors such as the Emotional Iceberg

Pursuing justice

A recent email message I received from a client after his first EQ anger management session:

“Thank you,,, Leaving your office, traffic was horrible... incredible, I was happy. Thank you, im looking foward to seeing you next week.”

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

-Bryan Blakeny