Our name E.Q. Education...

My Mission is to reinforce the benefits of staying in learning mode throughout our lives. Education enables us to progress, regardless of our age or experiences. I personally love to learn and believe that virtues or qualities of a noble character are key to the well-being and happiness of individuals and humanity as a whole. I consider E.Q. an abbreviation for virtues.

The Hallmark of my practice and beliefs are reflected in the following quote by Baha'u'llah:

"Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can,alone,cause it to reveal its treasures and enable mankind to benefit therefrom."

About Us

Based in Houston, Texas, E.Q. Education was established with the sole aim of uplifting hearts and empowering lives. Again, my name is Bryan Blakeny, LCSW.

Understand the joy of life and leave with peace of mind!

I am by nature a happy and positive person! I have a love for life and a constant passion for learning. However, like everyone, I too have had my share of hardships as well as traumatic experiences. Oddly enough, these difficulties provided the opportunity for me to have the deeper levels of joy that I now experience. Conveying this empowering understanding with my clients is a delight of mine.

Growing up, I was raised with a number of core values that ennoble my practice and strengthen the connection I have with my clients; values that include the oneness of humanity, equality of women and men, walking the spiritual path with practical feet, and understanding the importance of kindness and other virtues.

I am originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My first degree is in social psychology from Florida Atlantic University. From a young age I have been facinated by the challenges which face humanity and the opportunities for creating lasting peace and happiness in society, beginning with individuals and families. I frequently give talks on this topic in addition to private sessions. My second degree is a Master's of science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee.

While my therapeutic approach is necessarily ecclectic, the solution-focused and transactional analysis approaches are my starting points and preferences. From my experience and as much research suggests, clients are more successful when focus is put on understanding processes rather than just on content [specific dilemma or issue]; on quickly identifying client strengths, and recognizing past successes as well as opportunities for future success. Therefore, you may be relieved to know that in my practice, uncovering and re-experiencing the painful past is a last resort. As of 2008, I have been counseling for nine years.

I am fully licensed in the state of Texas. In addition to clinical training at the master's level, I completed 3000 hours of clinical experience and 100 hours of supervision prior to sitting for the LCSW examination. State of Texas, LCSW Lic# 40206.