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My name is Bryan Blakeny, founder of E.Q. Education. Our gift for helping lift your pain, realize your dreams, resolve conflict, and guide you into greater happiness is combined with years of success as well as professional licensure.

Think of your favorite athlete or artist. Even the best have someone guiding or coaching them to greater success. Consider EQ Education your coach! You donít have to have a problem to benefit from a coach! Here, you donít have to worry about being analyzed or tested for a disorder, or given a formal diagnosis. Instead youíll be empowered and gain insights to be your best, to reach your dreams, and most importantly, to live with greater peace of mind and fulfillment. More...

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What is E.Q.?

E.Q. is short for emotional intelligence. Intelligence itself is the ability to learn, create and solve problems. Understanding our layers of emotions and their meaning is key to living happier and healthier, with the confidence to overcome life's difficulties, whether it be divorce, death, anger, depression, etc.