Success Coaching & Quality of Life Counseling

I am confident we can resolve the pain, calm the mind, and enable you to manage life and relationships with greater peace and confidence.

I look forward to sharing with you the joy I have for my work- a joy that uplifts people and empowers them to resolve longstanding concerns, to understand their spiritual and material nature, and to optimize their views of themselves and their world; creating lasting change and greater happiness!

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As a part of the resolution and healing process, E.Q. Education inspires people, if they would like, to consider both the reality and the importance of a 'knowing' beyond the intellect and the five senses when solving difficult problems. With this 'knowing', you can better attain the inner peace that is hidden within you! As you probably know, our emotions can serve as either guides or obstacles. You have the power to decide which of the two it will be. Where will you look to help you decide?

It has been said: 'Don't leave heaven to find heaven'. Thus, if we look within, we are likely to find where heaven has been all along.

Learn to listen to your intuition, that inner voice that speaks to us through the heart.

Are you ready to think outside the box and within yourself? If so, E.Q. Education may be just the inspiration you need!

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What is E.Q.?

Unlike I.Q., E.Q. has become a much better predictor of how successful, peaceful, and happy our lives will be. In today's advancing world I.Q. is almost meaningless. E.Q. is becoming everything!

E.Q. deals with managing emotions, creating healthy self-esteem, motivation, becoming compassionate, delaying gratification, being trustworthy, building loving relationships, raising emotionally stable children, and much more.