My Practice is Unique

Many therapists address these issues. However, you are unique!

My practice is distinct from others in my heightened ability to genuinely connect with you, to discover your unique strengths, to quickly empower you to realize the relief of pain you desire; enabling you to experience the surprise of its release.

We foster lasting confidence in yourself to better understand and resolve your deepest pain and toughest ordeals now and in the future!


As a psychotherapist, I specialize in personal growth to resolve inner conflict and enhance mental and emotional health. I empower you to arise above problems to reach for dreams, to create the quality of life you really want and deserve!

Please skim the alphabetized list of issues below which I can assist you with.

(My Fee structure follows)

ANGER MANAGEMENT: Enhance your emotional mastery to express your feelings effectively.

ANXIETY: Learn simple techniques to manage and overcome certain fears.

COLD FEET: Ease your mind and welcome the clarity and confidence you desperately need!

CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Learn how the power love is the mightiest key, a key we seldom use.

COUPLES: Overcome conflict, rekindle the friendship and love you struggle to remember.

DECISION MAKING DILEMMAS: Find the clarity, the confidence and peace of mind you need.

DIVORCE: Learn how to reawaken greater respect, dignity and cooperation; decrease attorney fees.

GRIEF: Learn to grieve fully and eventually rejoice at the memory of your beloved.

JOB ISSUES: Create the career, calling, and success of your dreams.

LOSS OF LOVED ONE: Be inspired to consider the many realms of existence in healing the heart.

HOPELESSNESS: Create a personal mission for fulfillment that inspires you daily.

MENTAL HEALTH: Understand the basics of mental health and how to maximize it!

PARENTING: Resolve your children's 'issues' and empower them to reach for the stars!

PREMARITAL COUNSELING: Don't go in blindly, plan for a lasting and genuinely happy marriage.

SPIRITUALITY: Learn how your happiness depends on this little understand gem.

- Please see my Brochure for more detailed information.

Fee Structure

Psychotherapy: 60 Minutes: $125

Anger Management: 50 minutes: $80

Life Coaching: 60 Minutes: $100

Families: 60 Minutes: $135

Phone Sessions: 15 minute increments:$20

*Terms available for those with current financial concerns.

*15 minute increments also available.